Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Terrain Editing

Two new things:

1) I've started working on terrain editing inside of the editor. I think this will be one of the most used features other than direct object placement so I'd like to make sure it's possible to do. I have to come up with a 'mode' system that will allow the editor to reside in certain modes. That is, object placement will be one mode while terrain editing will be another. No two nodes can be active at the same time so that they can be sure that their settings won't be changed while they are on. The switching between modes can appear automatic or manual to the user. If you click on an object to place it, you'll automatically be kicked into the 'object placement' mode. On the other hand, you will have to manually hit an 'edit' button to go into terrain editing mode. It's up to the designer how each of these modes will be activated.

2) I am going to try and upload videos now showing off the editor in action. I find that videos show more than a single static screen shot can. I'll post the videos through Vimeo since it appears to offer the best quality. I'll post the embedded video directly on this blog with a link to the 'higher quality' one on the Vimeo site. The originally will also be available for download on the Vimeo site (bottom right) for each of my videos if you want to save them to your local computer.

And without much further wait, here is my first video showing off the ability to raise terrain in the editor. I used the amazing editable terrain manager which was not written by me for this. I wanted a proof of concept to make sure it would be doable. I have to add proper support but it's running inside of the editor and was able to be interfaced as a plugin which was all I wanted to confirm.

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