Friday, February 01, 2008


Well I am now officially employed back in the game development world once again. I am back working for the same company that hired me for a co-op position last year. I'll be starting in May. So I'm excited about that. I'll still be continuing work on the editor as well as on my game so that shouldn't change.

As for the editor itself, I now have the concept of a 'mode' which will be a distinct state for the editor to be working in. This will help the plugins organize everything that they need in order for their particular 'mode' to work. For instance, the terrain editing mode will disable regular object selection so that you can only manipulate the terrain.

Each mode can have a custom tool window that is queried for, and managed by, the editor whenever that mode gets activated. You can see the terrain tool coming along in the video below, with the higher quality version available. It's tool window is shown in the lower left hand side of the screen which I use to change how I am manipulating the terrain.

View in High-Definition (Recommended)

Download Original (6.49 MB)

Intermediate Terrain Editing from Shawn Carroll on Vimeo.