Sunday, February 08, 2009

Switching Back

I've been in the process of switching back to using .NET and C# to create the editor. The language itself is just much more suited to what I want to accomplish with the editor and I've always believed in using the right tools for the right job. I am now targeting the .NET platform using C# and Mogre which is a managed wrapper around Ogre.

I am also focusing my attention on usability since it will be designers and artists using the editor and not programmers. As much as the property grid is an awesome tool, it is cumbersome, unintuitive, and sometimes hard to navigate for commonly used properties. I much prefer context sensitive menu bars and toolbars. In the following shots, the green tabs are added when a specific object is clicked. This allows for the most commonly used and changed properties to be readily accessible with just a few mouse clicks. Eventually, these will become customizable so that users can drop any properties they want and remove the pre-built ones all together.