Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Custom Object Overlays

I've been working on adding overlays to the editor lately. Here is the design of the actual overlay that I'll be using

This will appear over objects whenever you hover over them. Any type of information will easily be displayed inside of the overlay. This will allow any object to display detailed information about itself to hopefully make it easier to find objects inside of the scene. The overlay can be toggled on and off in case it's getting in the way. It'll follow the mouse cursor around and will be shifted slightly offset as to not get in the way.

The system should be pretty automatic by allowing an OpenGL style Begin/AddTitle/AddBody/End style so the actual layout algorithm should be hidden from the user. I'll be integrating this into the actual editor over the next few days. I've also spent a bit of time scheduling out a task list for myself which should help out with getting stuff done on a regular basis. I've been really busy at home recently so I haven't done much coding in the past few weeks. That'll be changing.

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