Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Generalized resource preview

I spent a bit of time and have abstracted the resource browser and the thumbnail creator to support any SceneObject instance. All that is required is that a SceneObjectFactory be created that can return the template names of that particular SceneObject type as well as a function that can generate a SceneObject from a template name. The rest is completely generic.

Here are particle systems working inside of the resource browser. Now that I have the standalone SceneObjects done, I'll have to support things such as materials that have a 3D representation [a plane with the material on it or sphere or whatever] but aren't directly objects themselves. This will be the second phase of the browser which I will get to later.

View in High-Definition (Recommended)

Download Original (3.05 MB)

Live particle system preview from Shawn Carroll on Vimeo.

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