Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love you Ogre/Mogre

After getting home from work, I decided to add a live preview to the resource browser. This essentially lets you see a real-time rendering of the object that is being displayed. For particle systems, it will actually show you the particle systems working in real-time directly in the resource browser. This should allow you to find just the right effect quickly.

I'll be abstracting this into my generalized resource system that I had working in my old editor version so that I can plunk in particle systems to really show it off. Here's a sample video to watch. Pay attention to the knot right at the end. You can see the material rendering in real-time. Also, ignore the box that appears when I hover over objects, that's a work in progress :)

View in High-Definition (Recommended)

Download Original (6.02 MB)

Live resource preview from Shawn Carroll on Vimeo.

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